Project Sector(s)Oil & Gas Surface FacilityStart Date2003
Contract TypeEngineering, Procurement & Construction (EPC)End Date2010
Client NamePetroleum Engineering & Development Company (PEDEC)
Our Partner(s)- Kayson Co.
- Chegalesh Co.

The Aghajari Gas Injection Project was held in Khuzestan Province by Hirbodan Company in 2010, recommended by Petroleum Engineering and Development Company (PEDEC) in the form of EPC contract.

Scope of Services

  • Installation of 7 Turbo Compressors (300 MMSCFD each)
  • 50 km 24” Injection Pipelines
  • Auxiliary Equipment
  • Construction and Pre-Commissioning
  • Commissioning and Start-up

Aghajari Oil Field

The Aghajari oil field is an iranian oil field located in Khuzestan Province. It was discovered in 1938 and developed by National Iranian Oil Company.

Aghajari Gas Injection Project is the world’s biggest Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) project to be inaugurated in Iran in late 2008.

Project Nature

Since the pressure of Aghajari oil filed dropped due to long run oil extraction, the world’s largest gas injection project was completed by Hirbodan along with two partners in Aghajari oil filed to increase pressure of wells and consequently increase Oil production rate to 300,000 b/d with injection of 2,000 MMSCFD of gas produced from phases 6, 7 & 8 of South Pars gas filed.

The sour gas from South Pars Gas filed is transferred with 70 bar pressure to injection site by a 500 km 56” pipeline. To prevent pressure drop of gas in pipeline a compressor station is constructed in the transfer pipeline.

The sour gas pressure is boosted to about 200~240 bar by seven turbo compressors and then injected to 22 wells through 50 km 24” pipeline located in north and south of plant.

Injection Compressor Station (ICS)

The equipment of Injection Compressor Station is as follows:

  • Feed Line Scrubber
  • First/Second Stage K.O drum
  • First/Second Stage Air Cooler
  • First/Second Stage Compressor
  • Gas Turbine

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Project Location

The Aghajari Petroleum P.U.4 plant is located in the Aghajari oil field, which is situated in the Khuzestan Province of Iran.

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