Project Sector(s)Power GenerationStart Date2010
Contract TypeEngineering, Procurement & Construction (EPC)End Date2015

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The Power & Steam Generation Plant Project provided for Shohadaye Marvdash Petrochemical Plant was held in Marvdasht – Fars Province by Hirbodan Company in 2015, recommended by Shiraz Petrochemical Complex (SPC) in the form of EPCC contract.

Scope of Services

  • 3×27 MW Gas Turbine Generators (Hitachi H-25)
  • 3×33 TPH (ton/h) Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG)
  • Distributed Control System (DCS) / Fieldbus Control System (FCS)
  • Utility Distribution and Gathering System consisting of Potable and Service Water, Cooling Water, Air & N2 and Waste & Drainage System.

Shohadaye Marvdash Petrochemical Plant

The 3rd Ammonia and Urea unit of Shiraz Petrochemical Complex known as “Shohadaye Marvdasht Petrochemical Plant” was held in an area of 18,000 m2 in 2006, of which the operation was commenced in 2015.

This unit has been carried out with a total investment of €550 million plus IRR4,000 billion.

It was designed and installed by Petrochemical Industries Design and Engineering Company (PIDEC) using technology developed by Swiss and Japanese companies.

Project Nature

The Power & Steam Generation Plants are constructed to produce electrical power and steam for 3rd Ammonia & Urea unit.

Unit Details

Power Generation Unit

Gas Turbine Generators

The Mitsubishi Hitachi Gas Turbine H-25 is a heavy duty single shaft gas turbine of the 27 MW class. The specifications of Hitachi H-25 Gas Turbines are as follows:

Cogeneration power plant with H-25 Gas Turbine provides a large capacity of steam generation, as well as high thermal efficiency of heat and power generation.

Fuel Gas Conditioning System

Natural Gas as the main feed of gas turbines will be delivered at battery limit of plant.

The pressure of gas to be used in gas turbines must be reduced from 60~65 bars to about 26-29 bars. So, one “Gas Pressure Reduction” skid will be considered for reducing the pressure of inlet gas. This skid includes filter separator, electrical heater, cartridge filter, snap-shut valve, monitor and regulator valves and metering system.

Fuel Oil System

Since two sets of GTGs are dual fuels, Gasoil (fuel oil), as the secondary fuel, is supplied by trucks and unloaded and stored in fixed roof storage tank with 277 m3 capacity, equipped with steam coil.

Steam Generation Unit

DM water as feed water is transferred into deaerator where it is deaerated by injection of chemicals after contacting with low pressure steam to reach the oxygen content of 7 ppb (parts per billion). The deaerated water will be pumped to 3 HRSGs by 3×50% High Pressure “Boiler Feed Water Pumps” to meet the hot gas coming from gas turbines. This leads to the evaporation of DM water to high pressure steam.

The steam Produced from 3 HRSGs will be collected in a main header and is sent to battery limit of Urea Ammonia Plant.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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