Project Sector(s)Oil & Gas Offsite & UtilityStart DateNot Started Yet!
Contract TypeEngineering, Procurement & Construction (EPC)End Date
Project Name Shiraz Oil Refinery Upgrading Project
Project Short Description “Shiraz Oil Refining Company” (SORC) was designed and constructed for a nominal processing capacity of 40,000 BPSD in 1973 and then expanded to 60,000 BPSD.

As part of this project, SORC intends to implement a new 26,000 BPSD Distillate Hydro-Treating Unit (DHT) and all required process units (Sulfur Recovery Complex and Hydrogen Production Unit) along with utilities and off-site facilities in Shiraz Oil Refinery (SOR) in line with local and international environmental standards in order to reduce the Sulfur content of Gasoil product to meet Euro 5 specifications.

On the other hand, SORC intends to implement a new Naphtha Splitter with the capacity of 6500 BPSD and a new Isomerization Unit with the capacity of 5000 BPSD in SOR. The purpose of the Naphtha Splitter is to separate light Naphtha from hydrotreated Naphtha in order to feed to the Isomerization unit. The objective of the Isomerization unit is to produce Isomerate with the RON of 88 as a minimum.

HIRBODAN Company is the Management Consultant of SORC for the Execution of above mentioned Project.

Shiraz Oil Refining Company (SORC)
Partner(s) The client has no partner, but they belong to Parsian Oil and Gas Holding Company.
Field of Activity ☒ Oil & Gas

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Service ☐ EPC



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Region “Shiraz Oil Refinery” (SOR) located km-22, Shiraz- Esfahan High-Way, Zarghan, Fars Province.


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“Shiraz Oil Refinery” located at Km-22, Shiraz- Esfahan High-Way, Zarghan, Fars Province, Iran.
Project Value 239,000,000,000 Rials Man-hours worked 320,000 Man- hours
Start Date 1398/09/04 Delivery Date 1401/09/04
Scope of Services 1-       General Consultancy of the Project
2-    Management Consultancy of the Project
3-    Consultancy and Observation in CONTRACT affairs.
4-    Control and Checking of Sub-Contractors and Vendors’ …
5-    Project Control and Programming Services
6-    Engineering Services
7-    Procurement Services
8-    Construction and Erection services
9-    Observation of Quality Control, Quality Assurance, Technical Inspection and HSE
10- Pre Commissioning, Commissioning, Operation, Hand-Over of the Project to the Final Operator Services
11- Anticipate, Control and Approval of Invoices
12- Management of Human Resources
13- Information Technology and Document Transmittal Automation System Services
14- Health, Safety and Environment Services
15- Reporting Services
16- Goods Transport Services
Project Nature Management Consultancy of Oil Refinery Upgrading project
Project Goals Management Consultancy of Oil and Gas Projects
Project Unit(s) or Section(s)

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1-       Supervisory Observation of Engineering and Procurement Activities
2-       Supervisory Observation of Construction Activities

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