Project Sector(s)Power GenerationStart Date2019
Contract TypeEngineering, Procurement & Construction (EPC)End Date
Client NameQeshm Movaled Company

Gas Portion of 500 MW Combined Cycle Power Plant of PASARGAD QESHM project was transferred to HIRBODAN Company in the form of EPC contract by QESHM MOVALED Company belonging to PASARGAD ENERGY DEVELOPMENT Company in May 2018. The power plant is connected to the national electricity grid. This power plant is equipped with a F-Class Gas Turbine model AE94.3A and generator TRY-L63 made by ANSALDO ENERGIA which located in Italy. The efficiency of the simple cycle in ISO conditions is 40.3%, which will reach 60% after the completion of the Combined Cycle.

Scope of Services

  1. F-Class Gas Turbine model AE94.3A made by ANSALDO ENERGIA company in Italy
  2. TRY-L63 generator made by Ansaldo Energia, Italy
  3. Auxiliary equipment of turbine and generator including Cooling System, Natural Gas Filtration, Bypass Stack, …
  4. The main Generator Step up Transformer of the power plant
  5. Gas Pressure Reduction Station and its final filtration
  6. Compressed air supply system
  7. Fire detection and extinguishing system
  8. Turbine Hall and related electrical and control building
  9. Electrical and Central Control Building
  10. Additional buildings include (Fire Station, Clinic, Warehouse, Diesel Generator, Fire Station Pump House)
  11. DCS control system
  12. Sewage treatment and drainage system
  13. Diesel fuel system including storage tank and relevant network, demin/service/potable water network
  14. Electrical equipment, control, instruments, piping, and …

Project details


AE94.3A F-class gas turbine is a single shaft type, annulus combustion chamber with 15 compressor stages and 4 turbine stages. The first two stages of compressor have variable guide vane. Natural Gas is the main fuel system of the Gas Turbine (Single Fuel Type).

ANSALDO generator model TRY-L63

The TRY-L63 generator is an air cooled type, with two poles and a cylindrical rotor. To cool the generator air cooled water exchangers are used under the stator.

Gas Pressure Reduction Station:

The GPRS system is able to receive high pressure natural gas to reduce the gas pressure to a suitable pressure for burning in the combustion chambers of the gas turbine.

This system is equipped with a scrubber, filter separators and dry gas filters to remove particles, which ensures the quality of fuel in GTG. According to the conditions declared by the manufacturer, the gas fuel temperature is about 25°C higher than the Fuel dew point after pressure reduction. For this purpose, suitable gas heaters (indirect heaters) are provided in this system.

The output gas from the gas pressure reduction station will flow to the gas final filtration system to reduce the particles contaminant in the gas to the required level which have defined by gas turbine manufacturer and finally the natural gas flows to the GT Fuel Gas Skid.

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